Silicone Adapter Hose 4.5"

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Product Description

This universal Silicone Straight Adapter Hose is purpose made for intercooler, induction, and radiator plumbing applications.

Made for high temperature and high-boost applications. These Silicone Hoses will not swell or burst under extreme conditions

Ideal uses are for Turbo Charger intercooler plumbing, High Powered Turbo Charged Marine Boats, Commercial Supercharging, and Turbocharging applications 

1-year warranty against manufacturer defect's

Product Specification

The ID of this adapter is 4." (114mm) and features a 4ply woven construction with a 4.5mm wall thickness

100% Genuine high-quality Silicone Hose 

The products total overall length is 3 inches or 76mm and comes in black with purple only. 

Bursting Pressure is 2Mpa or 290 psi, and has an optimum working pressure of 0.3Mpa (43.5 PSI) to 0.9Mpa (130.5 PSI)

This Silicone Boost Hose has a working temperature of minus -76°F (-60°C ) to 500°F (260°C)

This item is not suitable for fuel or oil transfer