Racing Brake Pedal Assembly

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Race Adjustable Pedal Assembly with Adjustable Bias

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This adjustable BIAS pedal box uses twin 3/4" (0.75) Master Cylinders for braking as opposed to a single system which is used on most standard road cars: One Master Cylinder is used for the front and the other Master Cylinder is used for the rear. A BIAS bar with a spherical bearing is used to enable you to change the ratio the front to rear braking, giving you full 'on the fly' control of your vehicles braking performance.

Approx Dimensions: Width 260mm, Pedal Height 280mm, Box Depth 140mm, Depth Including Master Cylinders 250mm
Powder coated black to prevent any rust or weathering
Extremely responsive spring accelerator linkage 
All three pedals can be adjusted, allowing the pedal to be positioned exactly to your requirements.
Balance bar giving you total control over the front to rear braking.
Lightweight, flexible and ergonomically efficient.
Master cylinder: 0.75inch, 3/4inch
Mounting Location: Floor Mounted Bulk Head Fit
Lightweight accelerator linkage included
Balance bar giving you total control over the front to rear braking.
The adjustable clutch pedal stop prevents clutch over-stroking.
The floor mounted pedal box provides a brake, clutch and accelerator solution for kit cars or competition cars.

The brake setup is designed with two master cylinders and a balance bar to enable bias adjustments between the front and rear. This allows the driver to find a brake balance to suit the driving style or road conditions. Clutch operation can be either hydraulic or cable. The pedal box itself is easy to fit and has front facing cylinders.

Ideal for customising drift cars, circuit cars, off-road race cars, Hillclimb race cars plus more

Package Contents:

3 x Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box
1 x Bias Bar
1 x Bias Bar Dash-Mount Adjuster
1 x Rose joint
1 x Master Cylinder Nut & Bolt Kit
3 x 3/4 inch Master Cylinders
3 x Plastic Fluid Reservoirs

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