Pets Dogs or Cats Rear Bench Waterproof Car Seat Protector for Travel

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Pets, Dog or Cat Rear Bench Waterproof Car Seat Protector for Travel

This waterproof rear bench car seat cover is specially designed for pets.It's made from a high-quality material to protect your car from dirt, hair, fur or scratches. It features adjustable locking seat clips for easy install and removal. Also, features adjustable straps to attach to the front & rear headrests.

This product doesn't have to be used specifically for the vehicle, it can also be used in the home to protect chairs and sofas.

Don't spend any more hours than you need to clean up after your pet! 

Product Specifics:

Scratch Resistant Polyester Material
Non-Slip Foam Backing 
Waterproof & Washable
Quick Installation

Dimension:130cm X 105cm
Travel Heavy Duty Travel

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