F911 7/16-20 X 5-1/2 UNF Plated 4" SHANK

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Product Features

Are you an Off-Road Racer or 4x4 Enthusiast? Do you have problems with your Bolts failing from the application you're using them in? ... You have now found the solution

In the past, 8640 alloy was used in the manufacturing of only the most critical Aerospace and other special High Strength requirements.

Now everyone can have this Superior Quality and Strength, with the "Off The Shelf" F911 Hex Cap Screws and at prices comparable to other so-called "Grade 9" bolts

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Product Specifications

With higher Rockwell Hardness that the F911 specification requires it achieves over 190,000 P.S.I. Tensile Strength average, only 8640 Alloy can reach these lofty goals with superiority

What does 8640 Alloy offer? For starters, up to 50% more Chromium content and the substantial addition of Nickel, the ingredient that makes this Alloy tough