Anti-Frost & Snow Windshield Protector

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Product Description

Don't waste time manually removing Frost & Snow from your Windshield ... 

Windshield Protectors are designed to keep Snow & Frost off your Windscreen during Winter and the Heat out during Summer, with an up to 70% UV Blockout Rating. Product is two-sided: Silver one side, Black on the Other

Silver is for Summer and Black is for Winter. Features 4 magnets to assist in fitting and assists the cover to stay in its desired place


Large:  83 x 60 x 48 Inches (210 x 152 x 122cm) & Recommended to fit  a Sedan or Hatchback 

Xtra Large:  95 x 72 x 55 Inches (240 x 1821x 40cm) & Recommended to fit an SUV, MPV or Pickup Truck