Anodized Blue Gravity Feed Airbrush Mini Spray Gun 120ml Pot

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Anodized Blue Gravity Feed Airbrush Low-Pressure 0.8mm Nozzle with 120ml Pot

Attention all hobbyist's and tradies! ... This gravity fed paint spray gun is perfect for painting small areas. It can be used in airbrushing and model finishing, workshops, sheet-metal painting and has many other uses in DIY and commercial jobs. It has air, paint and pattern regulations and equipped with a 1/4" NPT male thread. It comes with a 1/4" barb fitting, but you can easily fit your Nitto or Ryco fittings to the inlet. This is a high-quality original spray gun, with precision workmanship which provides excellent spraying efficiency for every job its used for!

Spray Gun Features:

1. Air spray gun, volume is very small
2. Very light weight, very good atomization
3. Smooth surface treatment, feels comfortable ergonomically
4. Three kinds of rotary switch-the intake air, out of fuel  and the size control
5. Pot is transparent, you can clearly see how much paint is left as you are spraying


- Nozzle Size: 0.8mm
- Working Pressure: 0.5MPa (72 PSI)
- Cup Capacity: 120ml
 -Transmission: Gravity
- Intake Screw: 1/4" 
- Size: Approx.170 x 90 x 90 mm / 6.69 x 3.54 x 3.54 inch

Suitable For:

- Eco-Friendly Photocatalytic Painting
- Furniture Surface Maintenance and Repair
- Wall painting, Automotive Finishing, Artistic Drawing
- Beauty Nail Painting
- All Arts, Crafts, Model Making, Cake Making;
- Decorating Ceramic Pieces

Package Included:

1 x Air Spray Gun
1 x 120ml Paint Pot
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Strainer
1 x 1/4" NPT Hose Tail

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