Autohouse Warehouse Announces its Support for Mens Health

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Autohouse Warehouse Announces its Support for Mens Health

Autohouse Warehouse has just launched its new website retailing Automotive products and accessories on the internet. We are a very experienced team in this area and are very passionate and inspired by cars and the great gentlemen like us who are fanatics and who love their cars!

We want to pay it forward from the outset, and support our community of petrol heads and gearheads and give back by donating 2.5% of our gross revenue to 'Got the Balls' Proactive Mens Health 

Their Mission is very clear:

"Got The Balls' aim is simple, to increase the number of men taking responsibility for their own physical and mental health and to enable them to be around for their families’ and friends for many years to come; and to raise awareness of the need for men to summon the courage, strength and truth within themselves to visit their GP or supporting agencies and ask for all relevant medical check’s to be carried out".

Men's health and our own views on our health can get thrown to the lower priority list as generally speaking (myself included) we're all too busy to take note of our health. Got the Balls really emphasises men to take charge of their health and ensure they are proactive in seeing their local GP when necessary.

If you know someone who needs some parts and needs a kick in the pants to get them to see their GP, please share and tag them to this post

Thank you, and be healthy everyone!


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