Aussie Child Restraint Safety in Automotive Cars

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Aussie Child Restraint Safety in Automotive Cars


What is the correct car seat for my child?

The different laws in each Australian state and territory regulate, the correct car seat you need for your child. These regulations specify the correct seats for children from birth, to the age of 16 years old.

Birth to 6 months old: Babies must be restrained in a specifically designed, rear-facing infant capsule car seat, designed for newborn babies.

6 months old to 4 years old: Children, this age must be restrained in either a forward-facing child seat or a rearward-facing child seat. 

4 years old to 7 years old: Children this age must be restrained in either a booster seat or forward facing restraint car seat. Both types of restraining also require correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelts or child safety harnesses.

7 years old to 16 years old: Children this age must use a proper booster seat or be seated in the vehicle's seats and properly fastened and adjusted.

Check with the road transport authority in your state or territory for more info

When can my child be forward-facing in a seat?

Basically, its Australian Law that states that babies need to stay rearward facing until he or she is six months old. It is known, however, by many experts that is the safest to keep your baby rearward facing for as long as possible

When can my child sit in the front seat?

The safest place for all children to sit is in the back of the car. Until the age of 4, he or she must be in the back seat of the car in an appropriate car seat. This information is based upon a car with two or more rows of seats.

Having said that, the minimum age we recommend children sitting in the front seat of cars, 13 years old. Airbags are extremely dangerous for children if they are not quite tall enough. From our research, 13 is the optimum safe age for children to ride up front


How do I know if a car seat is approved?

For a child restraint to be Australian Standards approved, a car seat or booster seat must have an Australian Standards sticker or label for the standard AS/NZS1754. This standard is one of the most stringent child restraint standards in the world. All car seat restraints sold in Australia must comply with the standards that cover materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling. 

Car seats purchased overseas won't comply with Australian Standard's and it is illegal to drive with children in them in Australia

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